Child Abuse Prevention Center

The Child Abuse Prevention Center (CAPC) has offered leadership in the development of child abuse prevention programs and services since 1982. CAPC is a private, non-profit educational agency dedicated to preventing child abuse in communities through training and educational programs. CAPC operates under governing board of directors.

Child Abuse Prevention Programs

The CAPC has 16 different prevention programs which deal with all aspects of child abuse: physical, sexual, emotional and neglect. Each age level appropriate program consists of classroom discussion, visual aids, videos and other interactive activities such as role plays. Programs are typically given in the classroom and can be customized to fit the needs of each student. All programs are offered in Spanish for monolingual students The programs provide students with skills and knowledge on how to protect themselves if someone tries to abuse them, who and how to report abuse and safety strategies they can use in dangerous situations.

Stop Violence Start Safety Program

This one week program is the only one of its kind available in Weber County, Utah, designed for students suspended for safe school violations. When suspended, the student and parent/guardian sign a contract with school district personnel agreeing to complete this program before being officially reinstated in school. Classes inlcude: Emathy and Interpersonal Skills, Conflict Resolution and Anger Management, Perception and Self Talk, Values, Choices and Goals and Safety Strategies/Violence Prevention. Evaluative statistics as well as counselor feedback have shown very positive results. After graduation from this program more students are showing improved behavior, allowing them to stay in school without resuspension.

Faculty Protocol Training

CAPC offers in-service protocol training sessions for faculty and staff members in Utah school districts. The sessions help teachers and staff identify signs and symptoms of child abuse, know where to report the abuse and give information on community resources and programs that can help students and their families.

Professional Staff

Marilyn Sandberg, Executive Director
Steven Franks, Program Director
Angie Erickson, Design and Marketing Specialist, Web Master
Carol Blake, SVSS Program Coordinator, School Programs

Shauna Groberg, Prevention Program Specialist, School Based Programs

Jodie Gubler, Southern Region, School & Community Program Coordinator (435) 632-3136
Michelle Trujillo-Boland, Central Region, School & Community Program Coordinator (801) 792-2855
Clint Thurgood, Supervisor, School and Community Programs
Joey Thurgood, Northern Region, School & Community Program Coordinator

Joel Estrada, Prevention Program Assistant, School Based Programs

Bonnie Lehr, Office Manager
Trina Taylor, Human Resource and Grant Administrator
Angela Stanger, Clerk
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