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Home Daycare Centers

Home daycare means setting up a daycare for children in your own home. In theory, almost all home daycares to operate they are required to meet state licensing regulations for health and safety. But in practice, many don’t have one. This is because if the provider is only taking care of one to two children besides his/her own they just don’t borer.  

A lot of states require home daycare providers to go through a set of background checks and some sort of informal training. Some states will only require the provider to mail in a self certification form or add his/her name to a list.  

Each state has it own regulations and guidelines with home operate daycares. Some states require that you obtain a state license to have a daycare in you home, while others may only require you only be registered. It should also noted that child/adult ratios also vary from different states. It is possible that some states that the provider’s child be included in the ratio. However, in most states it is agreed upon those 12 children with an assistant is the maximum one can have in care at any one time in a home operated daycares.  

According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children, providers of home daycare should not take more than 2 babies under the age of 30 months, 5 children under the ages of 5, and 2 additional school-aged children. It is possible to have more children if an assistant is available.   To find out more information click here !

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